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namucloud myPC

You can make your PC a cloud server! All you need to do is simply set up the program on your PC!

myPC Cloud Storage Solution

Personal Users to Business Users! Just add in members!

  • A Personal PC Server

  • Now you can make your PC your personal cloud. All you need to do is set up myPC solution on your PC.
  • Cloud Storage Space

  • You can allot cloud server space by adjusting that in your hard drive with no additional fare.
  • Anytime, Anywhere

  • You can access your cloud regardless of where you are, only if you are with your PC or mobile device.
  • Perfect Security

  • No need to worry about any information leakage! Your PC itself will serve as your cloud server with the support of file protection system!
  • Cooperation as a Team

  • You can also create your secondary account for additional activities; enjoy your own account for a personal and social purpose, or even for a team space!

Cyebiz namucloud myPC ?

namucloud myPC

Your Own DIY Cloud Storage!

Fast and Easy File Sharing!

Don’t worry about storage in your mobile phones or tablets.

You can set it up on your PC, laptop, or server to use it anytime, anywhere.

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CEO Message

Compared to the traditional ways of storage such as local PCs, USBs or external HDDs, it is more convenient and secure today to access a cloud environment anytime, anywhere.

Cyebiz Co.,Ltd. CEO Ki-bong Kwon

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